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Ayurveda’s Second Major Cause of Disease – Asatmya Indriya Arth Samyoga (Improper Contact of 5 Senses with their Surroundings)

Ayurveda's 2nd Major Cause of Disease – Asatmya Indriya Arth Samyoga
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Several factors contribute to our overall health—  and these factors can ultimately become causes of disease in mind and body if not properly cared for.

Ayurveda has a unique perspective on these factors—  as it examines the causes behind common imbalances affecting our everyday life. 

One of the oldest medical texts of Ayurveda, Charaka Samhita mentions 3 major causes of disease. 

PradnyaApradha: Offence against wisdom.

Indriya Arth Samyoga: Unwholesome contact of senses with their objects

Parinama: Seasonal Effects

Become Aware of Ayurveda's 2nd Major Cause of Disease

We of course know the senses as hearing, touch, site, smell, and taste. It is easy to understand that this is how our external world enters our body. 

What we may not be as aware of, is how these things we take in are bound to have an impact on us internally. 

Root Words of Ayurveda's 2nd Major Diseases Asatmya Indriya Arth Samyoga
Types Of Improper Use Of The Senses

AtiYoga – Excessive contact of senses

HeenaYoga –Insufficient/deficient contact of senses 

MithyaYoga – Inappropriate contact of senses, causing confusion in mind or body

Here are some examples of how you may experience these in your life:

1. AtiYoga (Excessive)

Listening to loud music at concerts or in headphones, or working in environments with constant loud noises from heavy machinery. 

Being in extreme temperatures for long – cold or hot

Staring at your smartphones/computer screen for long durations.  

Eating frequently 

2. HeenaYoga (Deficient)

Wearing sunglasses or shaded glasses in dark environment

Excessive of sunscreen or shade, when you need sun instead.

3. MithaYoga (Inappropriate)

Reading in poor lighting or reading very small print, as it is exhausting to the mind.

Eating foods of hot and cold combinations

Exposing to hot and cold environments at same time, like drinking ice cold water when your body is very hot

What Are The Effects Of This?

These improper uses of senses commonly cause imbalance in ‘Vata,’ by increasing all or some of its characteristics. 

Remember from previous writings, Vata is air and space elements, with characteristics of: cold, dry, light, mobile, and rough. 

Vata aggravation can ultimately lead to physical and mental impairments, including:


Sleep and Focus Issues


Improper Digestion

And Even Anxiety Disorders

More serious disease eventually develops long-term if not treated.

Invitation For Aware Of Improper Use Of The Senses

The main thing you can do is start to become aware of how you are interacting with your environment.

Are you exposing yourself to excessive, deficient, or inappropriate contact of your senses? If so, which ones?

My goal…

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I look at causes behind our mental and physical impairments. 

For example, if one is struggling with anxiety, it can likely be traced back to your lifestyle—  and I may look to these three major causes of disease as pieces of the puzzle.

This week, I invite you to be aware of instances of Improper contact of your senses with their environment

This Week’s Reflection on Improper contact of your senses with their environment

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