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Welcome to Omkar Ayurveda!

Ayurveda is a holistic healing science that treats the body & mind as a whole to create balance & harmony for a long healthy life

Our Services

Ayurvedic Consultation
Nutritional Counseling
Abhyanga (Oil Massage)
Kati Basti


I had a lovely massage treatment at Omkar Ayurveda.  I can't wait to go back for another one!  I had an injured shoulder that felt much better after the massage and steam treatment.  Nina is a delight to talk with.  She spent time with me before to address all of my needs at the time.  She is very knowledgeable of Ayurveda and really takes her time to explain what is going on in the body and how to best address it to feel your best.  The new location is very convenient with plenty of parking as well.  Looking forward to more treatments soon!

K. S.

At Omkar Ayurveda, our goal is to bring your body, mind, senses and soul into complete balance. 

We strive to achieve this for you by doing one or more of the following: 

   -   Conducting a complete analysis with proper examination of the nature of any health issues that may be affecting you physically and/or


   -   Identifying any root causes of these issues in order to put together a successful and closely monitored treatment plan that involves: 

            -    Nutrition and lifestyle modifications and guidance

            -    Personalized herbal recommendations

            -    Commitment from you to work towards a healthy life 

   -   Aligning your three components:

            -    Mind

            -    Body

            -    Spirit

   -   Providing relaxing Ayurvedic spa services 


Please contact us for more information and may you Heal Naturally!