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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic health system. Its origins are the region that is now India. The word ‘Ayurveda’ is comprised of 2 words: ‘Ayush’ and ‘Veda’. Ayush meaning life, and ‘Veda’ meaning science or knowledge. Through Ayurveda one gains extensive knowledge about one’s Life.

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Ayurveda is Way of Life

Ayurveda views the individual as a whole - the body, mind, senses, and soul or the conscious element. These four entities are interrelated and interdependent as they are in constant interaction with the Universe they are a part of.

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Ayurveda is eternal

Ayurveda is eternal. Guidelines from this 5000 year old science can be applied in our ever changing environment. These guidelines include daily and seasonal regimens around various diet and lifestyle choices, all for one goal: to maintain health and harmony between our four entities and the Universe.

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Welcome to Ayurveda

Along with being an ancient science, a healing process and a medium to achieve life’s fullest potential, Ayurveda is truly a way of life. Its intriguing methods and power to solve several health issues makes it one of the most famous healing methods in the world. We welcome you to experience Ayurveda in its truest and purest form.

Unique One-on-One Approach

Wide Range of Wholistic Services

Experience to help you live an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Ayurveda - An Ancient Holistic Health System
Ayurvedic and Herbal Treatments

Herbal Treatment and Guidance

We provide hands-on Ayurvedic and herbal treatments, and guidance to help you manage the following:

Skin issues
Women’s issues
Digestive issues
Post-natal care
Pain management

How We Work

In-depth Consultations and Intensive Treatments

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation

Whether you are seeking to treat an ailment or illness or simply want to live…

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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

An Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan personalized for you. This is a joint effort…

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Abhyanga Oil Massage

Abhyanga (Oil Massage)

Therapeutic herbal oil massage which is deeply calming and relaxing to the …

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Shirodhara Scalp Massage


A warm stream of medicated oil is continuously poured on the forehead in the third …

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Customer Review

We Would Love to Hear from You!

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with dengue fever like condition from my travels. Doctors wanted to put me on a 15 day regimen to kill whatever was there (they didn’t really know what it was). I didn’t want to pump my body with chemicals although I felt low-grade fever, malaise, and low appetite. I decided to seek out natural treatment like Ayurveda. Omkar Ayurveda was referred to me by Nina’s client. She patiently took all my details, came up with Ayurveda diagnosis and immediately put me on a treatment plan. After a month, I felt much better and my appetite and vigor came back. She explained to me how tissues get depleted with toxins in fevers and Ayurveda not only removes toxins but nourishes the depleted tissues. I love Ayurveda and I sincerely thank Nina for her attentiveness and her amazing treatment.


S. S.

I just had a Shirodhara (oil drip) Massage last week and it was awesome! It’s when you lay down and receive a continuous oil drip around or on your third eye area. It’s so meditative, I drifted off so easily. She also gives a Massage first on your neck and shoulders. Then your scalp after the shirodhara is complete. I had the deepest sleep that night, a really relaxed deep slumber, then I felt refreshed the rest of the week. It’s a “must try”. Nina the Ayurveda Practitioner is really professional and definitely educates you on the benefits of the treatments. I can’t wait to try it again.


Ashley D.

Ayurveda is an individualized healing science and way of life. True healing does not happen overnight with an allopathic pill, but requires dedication and healthful adaptations. Be prepared to take personal responsibility by changing old eating and lifestyle habits that are not conducive to good health, not just in body, but also mind and spirit. I’m very appreciative to have found Nina and to have her as my guide into Ayurveda and back to balance.


L. B.


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