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Ayurvedic Consultation

Whether you are seeking to treat an ailment or illness or simply want to live a healthier life, Ayurveda can help you by leading to an awakening in your mind and body! Book Appointment

Nutritonal counseling

An Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan personalized for you. This is a joint effort where I will monitor your progress to better your health. Book Appointment

Abhyanga (Oil Massage) + Swedana – 90 Mins

Abhyanga is a Sanskrit term loosely translated to mean ‘glow on limbs’. It is an ancient oil massage treatment which traditionally means ‘anointing the body with oil’… Book Appointment

Shirodhara + Abhyanga + Swedana – 120 Mins

This treatment is a deep and complete relaxation to the mind and body as it nourishes all the tissues in the body. Book Appointment

Shirodhara – 60 Mins

Shirodhara is calming and relaxing treatment done using warm Ayurvedic herbalized oil. Most Herbalized oil is treated with herbs like jatamansi, brahmi, shatavari that calm a nd ground the mind and nervous system. Book Appointment

Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage) – 15 Mins

Shiro Abhyanga head massage is a traditional ancient Indian technique of scalp massage. First, warm herb-infused oil is poured on the head. Book Appointment

Abhyanga + Swedana + Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage) – 90 Mins

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic practice of oil massage that involves massaging warm oil onto the skin to nourish, detoxify, and rejuvenate the body. Book Appointment

Kati Basti + Abhyanga + Swedana – 90 Mins

Oil well treatment is enhanced with oil massage and steam leaving body feeling light and supple within. This mainly helps in pain relief. Book Appointment

Kati Basti – 60 Mins

The word Basti has couple meanings: one, it’s a compressible bag which when filled with liquid and squeezed, decompresses, letting out liquid in a jet-like manner. Book Appointment