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Shiro Abhyanga – head massage

Shiro Abhyanga Head Massage
  Omkar Ayurveda Service

Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage) – 15 Mins

Shiro Abhyanga head massage is a traditional ancient Indian technique of scalp massage. First, warm herb-infused oil is poured on the head. Next, the scalp is massaged employing a technique alternating between vigorous and gentle stimulating strokes. This luxurious invigorating scalp massage is guaranteed to leave you feeling heavenly!!!

$15 + (2.5% fee applied for payment with cc)

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As somebody who is beginning her journey into ayurveda I couldn’t have found a more wonderful human with a more healing energy to give me my first shiro abyhanga than Nina, it was more than just a good head massage it was truly a transcendent experience and I am beyond grateful that my path lead me to her healing hands 🙏


Tiffany Vis

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