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Kati Basti

Kati Basti Treatment
  Omkar Ayurveda Service

Kati Basti – 60 Mins

The word Basti has couple meanings: one, it’s a compressible bag which when filled with liquid and squeezed, decompresses, letting out liquid in a jet-like manner. This basti concept is used in Panchakarma therapy of the same name – Basti. Kati Basti is an external therapeutic treatment done in a particular area – low back or kati in Sanskrit. The word basti in Kati Basti means ‘well’. A circular wall made from dough of black gram daal flour is made on the small of back, in sacrum region. Wall is about 3-4” in height and ½” thick. Warm medicated oil is poured inside this well and allowed to sit for a length of time. Medicated oil is absorbed through skin nourishing and strengthening nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and bones in and around the area of the well.

Kati Basti is very effective in:

Relieving pain, muscle stiffness, muscles spasms in low back by nourishing and strengthening muscles, nerves, ligaments….etc.
Mitigating ‘Vata’ in kati area. Kati is one of primary sites of Vata. Therefore, Vata is principle dosha responsible for pain and other related issues in kati area. Oil therapies are very effective in any Vata related issues.
With lubrication from oil muscle flexibility is improved over time.

$80 + (2.5% fee applied for payment with cc)

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