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Shirodhara Scalp Massage
Omkar Ayurveda Service

Shirodhara – 60 mins

Shirodhara is calming and relaxing treatment done using warm Ayurvedic herbalized oil. Most Herbalized oil is treated with herbs like jatamansi, brahmi, shatavari that calm and ground the mind and nervous system. When shirodhara is done in series of 3 ,7 or 14 days it proves to be very effective to the mind and nerves.

Below are the few benefits of Shirodhara:

1. Shirodhara is an ancient relaxation technique. Medicated liquids and oils are poured on the forehead in a particular way which helps with several problems including insomnia. It is known to bring about a psycho-somatic balance.

$140 + applicable fees
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