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Ayurveda’s Third Major Cause of Disease – Parinama (Seasonal or Climatic Conditions)

Ayurveda’s Third Major Cause of Disease - Parinama (Seasonal Or Climatic Conditions)
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Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about Ayurveda’s 3 major causes of disease. To review, here is where we’ve been so far…

PradnyaApradha: Offence against wisdom.

This means that we indulge in unwholesome thoughts, actions or words without better judgement, that create an undesirable impact on our body or mind.

Asatmya Indriya Arth Samyoga: Unwholesome contact of senses with their objects

This means that we take in things from external environment through our 5 senses that are harmful to us, causing discomfort to ‘Atma,’ or your soul. 

Focusing On Ayurveda's 3 Major Causes Of Disease

Parinama: Seasonal or Climatic Conditions

Parinama means transformation. This is our ability to respond to changes… 

1) In our surrounding environment

2) Related to stages in life due to aging 

Climate changes are natural phenomenon that bring fluctuations to the doshas naturally. 

Parinama commonly occurs at the onset of seasonal changes, showing itself as the flu or common cold in Winter, or allergies in Spring.

We all want to be able to adapt to these changes— which usually manifest in our bodies only as mild illnesses, like those above.

However, we need to make sure our immunity is strong enough to protect us against more major illnesses resulting from this natural change process.

Vata, for example, will want to be extra careful in adapting to this change—as this dosha is affected by change more than the others.

Your Own Dosha Quiz
3 Specific Forms Of  Parinama

Atiyoga, or excess Parinama 

When there is excessive heat in summer, or excessive cold temperatures in winter

Heenayoga, or deficient Parinama  

When changes in seasons are milder than normal. We don’t experience much change internally.

Mithyayoga, or abnormal Parinama 

When there are abnormal changes in seasons, like when it is suddenly hot during cooler months. 

What Are The Effects Of This?

These types of changes ‘mess up’ the normal dosha fluctuations in the body, resulting in imbalance. People often experience allergy symptoms and other conditions at this time.

Atiyoga, Heenayoga, and Mithyayoga are all environmental changes that are out of our control as much as the aging process.

They bring about changes in our body— presenting us with the challenge to adapt properly to avoid harmful effects.

Ayurveda Therapy To Support In Parinama

My goal…

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I look at causes behind our mental and physical impairments. 

I want to help you adapt to these natural changes in our lives— either from climatic conditions like the change of seasons, or more complex changes as we advance in stages of life.

This week, I invite you to be aware of instances of Parinama in your life

This Week’s Reflection On Parinama

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