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Panchakarma Therapy Rids of the Body of Accumulated Toxins

Panchakarma Therapy
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In our current environment, we are exposed to many factors that cause an accumulation of the Doshas. Most causes of this accumulation are related to eating, lifestyle, work, and personal relationships. 

When these causes continue to exist over a long period of time, the accumulation of toxins, or more specifically the Doshas, goes deeper. Eventually this leads to disease.

Though, with a timely intervention of herbal recommendations, correction of incompatible eating and lifestyle habits, and long term sustenance of good habits, you may start feeling better. 

Unfortunately, sometimes this is not so easy to achieve.

In some cases, a proper detoxification process may be a better option to expel these accumulated Doshas. 

Panchakarma Package

How is Panchakarma done?

There is no standard Panchakarma package or protocol that is administered for all, since each person has their own specific Dosha(s) accumulation and resulting condition(s).

It is in fact tailored specifically to a person’s needs in terms of diet, herbal recommendation, type of massage, etc. Not all five therapies are done at the same time.

The Result?

Long lasting health benefits. 

Is it for everyone?

It depends. Ask me about Panchakarma below to see if it’s right for you, and I will be happy to reply with advice specific to your needs. 

Ask Nina About Panchakarma

My goal…

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I want to help you bring Ayurveda to life in your daily habits, so that you know how to maintain good health through the many changes of life.

This Week's Reflection & Invitation For Panchakarma

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