Energy Bars

​These easy energy snacks are loaded with nutrients. They have nuts and other nutritional ingredients which are ideal for the winter season. Winter time is when there is release of energy from Mother Earth,  Sun's hot rays are far from us in the Northern Hemisphere. We feel energetic and full of strength. These little snacks help us gain and maintain our energy through the cold months. Add ghee to make them more immune boosting. Enjoy!

Apricot coconut bites


   -   1 cup chopped dried apricot

   -   1 cup almond meal

   -   0.5 cup chopped dates

   -   0.25 cup dessicated coconut

   -   0.5 tsp cinnamon pwdr

   -   I tsp lemon zest

   -   2 tblspns coconut oil

   -   Mix all n shape into balls. Refrigerate for 30 mins

Apricot choc bars


   -   0.5 cup rolled oats

   -   0.5 cup pumpkin seeds

   -   1 1/3 cup roasted almonds

   -   I tsp vanilla

   -   I cup puffed rice

   -   0.5 cup chopped dried apricot

   -   1/3 cup honey

   -   Dark choc chunks

   -   Melt choc n honey then add all dry ingredients n

        spread on baking tray. Refrigerate for 30mins to set.

   -   Chop into slices

Apricot coconut bites

   -   Almond flaxseed balls

   -   I cup oatmeal

   -   2/3 cup desiccated coconut

   -   0.5 cup peanut butter

   -   0.5 cup ground flaxseeds

   -   0.5 cup raw cacao pwdr

   -   1/3 cup honey

   -   I tblspn chia seeds

   -   I tsp vanilla extract

   -   Mix all n shape into balls n refrigerate                                         for 30 mins


Instead of honey I prefer to use jaggery( raw and unprocessed form of sugar ) or piloncillo( mexican jaggery ). I add ghee to all my bars to make them moist and more immune boosting.

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