According to Ayurveda, mung beans have the highest nutritious value among legumes, thus providing you with immense benefits. They are very high in protein and you can consume on a daily basis. They are light to digest and balance Pitta and Kapha as well as slightly heighten Vata.

Khichari or khichri or khichdi literally means mixture. It’s a dish from India and each khichari recipe is a representative of the region in India it comes from.

This is a delicious stew! It is balanced and hardy meal for all Dosha types. Both Vata and Pitta types love it for the sweetness and Kapha types enjoy it when they spice it up to their choice. Enjoy it with any grain of your choice.

Buttermilk is usually made with freshly prepared yogurt. This buttermilk is astringent and sour in taste. It helps to ignite the digestive fire.

Energy Bars These easy energy snacks are loaded with nutrients. Enjoy!

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